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Like music, life is an ever-evolving art form...

Raised in the Blues City and the Birthplace of Rock & Roll, Memphis, Tennessee, I have been immersed in a melting pot of musical influences my entire life. Gospel and Bluegrass, Rock and Country, Blues and Funk, Jazz and Classical, and African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin rhythms as well; few musical destinations have been left unexplored.


I began my formal musical journey after establishing a successful career with a Fortune 500 corporation. This has given me many years to absorb, internalize, and integrate this myriad of musical influences. I now express them in my drumming and percussive pursuits, revealing each influence in my own unique way.


I love creating music at every opportunity, and I look forward to bringing my musical abilities and influences, disciplined work ethic, and professionalism to bear in the realization of a mutual artistic vision.

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