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I have been fortunate in my musical career to have played with a myriad of great performers, and I have tried to learn something from each experience, and from everyone.

While most of those souls have come and gone like the sands of time, the wonderful artists, below, have co-created some of my most endearing musical memories with me, and I am extremely privileged to have shared in these experiences with them:

Patrick McGee 01.jpg

Patrick McGee & the Midnight Choir

2023 - Present

Patrick McGee on Facebook

The Lizzards Kings Header 01.jpg

Trainwreck Willy

2012 - 2013

Trainwreck Willy on YouTube

Paul Crum_Captain Everything.jpg

Paul Crum

Captain Everything

Released: 2022

Patrick McGee_Midnight Choirs & Cabarets.jpg

Patrick McGee

Midnight Choirs & Cabarets

Released: 2022

The Lizzard Kings_Jim Crow's Shadow.jpg

The Lizzard Kings

Jim Crow's Shadow

Released: 2020

Patrick McGee_Serenade the Muse.jpg

Patrick McGee

Serenade the Muse

Released: 2020

The Lizzard Kings_Lost In Paradise_Front

The Lizzard Kings

Lost In Paradise

Released: 2019

Odd Normality

A Taste of What Was

Released: 2011

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